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Make A Statement Not A Mistake

At Totally Naked Tattoo and Body piercing, we have artists with a wide range of creative talent to meet your needs. Our services include unique tattoos, tattoo cover-ups, tattoo skin care products, alluring glass art, and intriguing body piercings, and now in cooperation with Naked Vapors offering a wide variety of Vaporizers and E-cigaretts with over 75 custom made flavored oils to meet your desires.

Totally Naked Tattoo (TNT) was founded by ground-breaking tattoo artist Rik Ackelson. Rik’s cultivated a creative environment designed with one purpose in mind:  To give you the perfect tattoo.

For more information on any artists individually, please consult the artist portfolios located via the navigation at the top of the page. We also offer professional body piercings done by the owner himself or our lovely Ida, personally trained by Rik himself.

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